DesignCork Award

For innovative cork covering concepts

MINDTHECORK International Design Contest 2017 Edition

Promoted by GRANORTE, DESIGNCORK AWARD aims to recognize innovative concepts and inspired design using cork.

We like the idea of young students, from all around the world, working on a forward-thinking project with the intent to create an innovative, useful, functional and sustainable product.

How will cork coverings look like in 10 years? Definitely, they will include ideas and technologies that we may not even imagine today! DESIGNCORK encourages young creative students to design today while thinking about tomorrow; a future when the limitations of today may not apply and when new desires or needs will emerge.

These innovative ideas will help us to improve people’s lives by bringing them more wellbeing and comfort.

MINDTHECORK International Design Contest offers the opportunity to design or architecture students to create and design innovative sustainable solutions for living interiors.
The challenge of the contest is to design a product or an installation using cork, or cork combined with other natural and sustainable materials, that is a covering of vertical or horizontal plans.

The contest is open to all design or architecture students born before 1999. Entries may be individual or from a team. Each team must have at least one member that is verifiably a design or architecture student. Each student or group can apply one or more entries. Submission of entries to the contest is free of charge.

The 2017 jury panel is composed by:

- GRANORTE – Joaquim Figueiredo, CEO; Paulo Rocha, Product and R&D Manager;
- Jasper Morrison, product designer;
- Michael Sodeau, product designer;
- Marco Carini, interior designer;
- Carlos Mendonça & Alzira Peixoto, industrial designers;
- Filipe Afonso, architect;

The jury will select two Winners and one Gold Winner. The Gold Winner project will receive a prize of 1.500,00 Euros. The two Winner projects will receive a prize of 750,00 Euros each. All prize winners will receive a trophy and a certificate.

Download the contest rules for more information. By registering for the contest, you confirm that you accept these rules.



These are the key dates

  • Registration Opens
    01 November, 2017
  • Submission period ends
    02 March, 2018
  • Preselection of nominates
    09 March, 2018
  • Jury selection
    23 March, 2018
  • Winners announcement
    30 March, 2018

DesignCork Award 2017 submission is closed!