3DFORMS modular cork tiles combine in various arrays to create unique three-dimensional patterns that add depth and identity to vertical surfaces.
Delivering an endless amount of creative possibilities, 3DFORMS provides a one-of-a-kind texture and enhanced intrinsic acoustic and thermal properties.

100% post-industrial recycled natural cork
Glued installation
CORKGUARD® finished
300x300x30 mm | 150x150x30 mm

Design: Alzira Peixoto & Carlos Mendonça
GRANORTE can develop custom colours under request

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Douro Bluemoon

313 312 621
4x Ramp - 300x300x30mm
4x Aztec - 300x300x30mm
12x Pyramid - 150x150x30mm
20x Ramp - 150x150x30mm
8x Aztec - 150x150x30mm

CNC shaped agglomerated cork wall covering

Glue-on wall installation
CORKGUARD® finished
Residential and commercial use