The Production of quality cork products takes more than industry experience or tradition - it takes technical knowledge. At GRANORTE, we are proud to have some of the very best cork experts.
Special attention is given to the research and development of new products, solutions and techniques that can improve the performance of our products and meet all the requirements of our customers.
GRANORTE offers a wide range of cork products that will surely meet the most demanding requirements of a large group of applications.

COMPOSITION CORK SHEETS - "Just like plain cork"

Composition cork sheets are widely used on pin boards, cork specialities and on all those technical applications where it is important to reproduce the characteristics of plain cork.

CORK UNDERLAYMENT - "The natural insulation"

Cork underlayment provides superior sound and thermal insulation. Due to the unique 40 million cells per cubic centimetre honeycomb structure of cork and the special nature of the resin binder, it performs outstandingly under laminate flooring, hardwood, linoleum, ceramic or even natural stone.

CORK WALL TILES - "Nature's warm touch"
Cork's natural beauty and comfort will create surprisingly beautiful and elegant spaces.
The insulation properties of cork will reduce sound transmission and temperature variation, creating a more intimate atmosphere.

CORK FLOOR TILES - "Bringing Nature to your feet"
The best floor you can imagine: Naturally stylish, silent and comfortable yet easy to maintain, water resistant, hard-wearing and environmentally friendly. The remarkable native properties of cork floor tiles will create a warm, quiet and relaxing ambience.

FLOATING FLOORS WITH CORK - "Engineered natural comfort"

The next generation in flooring: Elegant and sophisticated, quiet, soft and warm yet easy to care for and maintain, durable and environmentally friendly.
Easy and fast to install, GRANORTE floating floors are perfect for residential and commercial applications, bringing the natural warmth and comfort to your environment.

Besides these standard products, GRANORTE can offer you other kind of cork products that can meet your special requirements. Please contact us and let us know your request.

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