Environmental questions are of great importance to GRANORTE. Cork itself is a natural renewable, environmentally friendly material. Therefore, our environmental efforts are focus on two fundamental areas: business practices and product design. Moreover, we do not just talk about environmental protection; we put it into practice trough a sound environmental corporate culture that reduces the environmental impact of the manufacturing of our products and promotes the social and external environment integration of the company.

Low water consumption, recycling and reusing;
The use of process water, which mostly arise during the cleaning of manufacturing equipment, have been dramatically reduced during the last few years. This water is not discharged; instead it is contained, treated and reused.

Reduced solvent content;
We use exclusively solvent-free lacquers and binders with solids content between 98 and 100 %. The only solvent used on the cleaning of equipment is recycled and reused.

Cork powder;
Powder from processing and handling cork is filtered, keeping emissions to air very low. The powder is then used as a burnable fuel in the production of the thermal energy needed in our production facilities.

Packaging material;
Our packaging is about 100% corrugated cardboard. This material, marked with the Resy symbol, can be recycled without any problems.

Substrate materials;
As a substrate material of our floating floor production line (HDF) we use only high quality, low pollutant content E0 and E1 quality fibreboard.

Purchasing policy;
Granorte's policy is to ensure that the supply of forest raw material is coming only from responsible managed sources.

Other important issues;
Environmental work also includes the questions of power consumption, transportation and the reduction of waste through better sorting and recycling.

In all our investment decisions, safety and environmental questions are given a high priority.

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