Cork floorings are not only durable but they are also extremely easy to clean and maintain.
During manufacturing process all the possible care has been taken to ensure a long life to the cork floor and many years of satisfaction to the user.
Our floorings are factory finished to the highest of standards so that little time will be spent on maintenance. All that is required to maintain a cork floor is a regular vacuuming and light cleaning with a damp mop. Ammonia-based cleaners or chemicals must not be used to clean the floor.
A cork floor should be treated as any quality wood flooring. As durable as cork flooring is, it must be remembered that it is still a natural product.

Protection tips:

1 Protectors should be installed under chair and table legs.
2 When using furniture with wheels, the floor must be additionally protected by using mats.
3 Heavy furniture should have felt pads or non-staining glides or casters.
4 Steel wool or abrasives must not be used on the floor.
5 A quality doormat at the entrance should be used to help protect the cork floor from outside grit and sand.
6 Adequate protection should be taken when moving appliances or large pieces of furniture around the floor.
7 Cork, as a natural product, may change colour when exposed to direct sunlight. Use blinds or curtains to minimize this effect.


The following of these tips will guaranty many years of enjoyment of one of the best natural flooring.

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