Cork products are, of course, comfortable, warm, elastic and silent. If you have chosen any of the cork coverings from GRANORTE (for floors or walls), then you should add to those characteristics the best durability, safety and attractiveness. On top of that, they are easy to install.

However, to take the full pleasure of your cork covering, proper installation guidelines should be followed. We have prepared simple instructions that will help to install your cork covering without any problem.

Please remember that cork is a natural product and, in spite of all due care given when manufacturing our products, differences in the structure or shade are to be expected. Verify this by daylight before you start installation. Proceeding in this manner, you can distribute the tiles/panels in such a way that variations in structure and/or shade are not striking.

Properly installed and maintained, your GRANORTE cork coverings will give you a long-lasting satisfaction.

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