Cork applications

A key material in many industries

First used centuries ago as wine stoppers and fishing equipment, cork has developed into a key material in many industries including construction, high-technology, sports, interior design and even fashion or cosmetics.
In its several forms - natural, granulated or agglomerated - cork's attributes cannot be found in any other single source, making it superior to many synthetic substitutes and an essential element for many purposes.

Cork can be adapted to various products specifications and techniques and many of its uses may be invisible to our eyes. Cork is really an all-purpose problem solver for a vast number of applications such as sealing, insulation, vibration control, weight reduction, sound dampening, gasketing, flotation, energy conservation, load bearing, polishing, pollution control and many others.

Engineers, architects, builders, scientists, fashion designers, interior designers and manufactures of housewares, sporting goods and leisure products select cork because it is the best material for their unique and demanding applications.