Each product in this collection presents a harmonious fusion of elements found in nature and the sophistication of current technology, meticulously sculpted to incorporate the unique textures of cork.

Geo collection, for walls and ceilings, is a captivating visual journey that invites you to explore every detail of these pieces that bring life to your space.

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Pebbles brings the allure of nature indoors, offering a variety of sizes reminiscent of the pebbles found in serene landscapes. Each piece is a carefully crafted embodiment of the organic, offering a visually striking experience.


Available Colours:


 Natural             Sunset           Cream           Old Rose


 Toasted Cork   Spring           Ash                 Bluemoon



1270 x 785 x 25 mm

1069 x 568 x 25 mm

  803 x 602 x 25 mm

  730 x 480 x 25 mm

Available Soon